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3S(IPL+RF+e-light) beauty machine

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Location: Afghanistan
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Last Update: 2010-07-16 13:58
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3S= E light + IPL + RF 1 This machine is combined with E light, IPL and RF together, it has three different systems and 3 different handles. It has 7.4 inch color touch screen. 2 It equals to three different machines ( E light machine, IPL machine, and RF mahcine). 3 It can be for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and skin lifting. 4 The E light handpiece has five filters (different waveband: 480nm/530nm/590nm/640nm/690nm) 5 The IPL handpiece with large crystal is professional for hair removal. 6 The RF handpiece has two probes, for skin lifting. Applications: E light beauty equipment: 1 Deeply wrinkle removal and face lifting 2 Unwanted hair removal: take advantage of intensive pulsed light and RF energy (could act on skin below 8 mm), act on the pore directly to remove the thick dark hair, and lighten tiny hair 3 Dermic spots, pigment and red blood streak removal 4Acne treatment: reducing the activities of sebaceous gland 5 Breast lifting IPL beauty equipment: Its professional for hair removal RF beauty equipment: 1 Face lifting 2 Skin lifting around eyes 3 Skin lifting on neck 4 Improve the conditions of sagging skin 5 Forehead wrinkle removal 6 Breast lifting 7 Renew back contours 8 Renew belly contours 9 Renew buttocks and legs contours 10 Hand care, and effective to removal the whelk and its scarSpecifications: E light system (IPL+RF system) Multi-band hand-piece :5 wavelength480/530/590/610/690nm Handle number :1 handle Energy density :10-50J/cm2 Frequency :2s, 3s, 4s Pulse Number :1-6 Sub-pulse width modulation :1-25ms Pulse space :1-100ms RF Frequency :2-6Mhz RF Energy :0-50 Light spot area :12*30mm2/ 12*40mm Cooling system :Semiconductor+ wind + water +cooling gel IPL System Spot size :15x50mm2 Handle number :1 handle Light Source :Six times atmospheric pressure Energy density :12-50J/cm2 Frequency :2s, 3s, 4s Pulse number :1-15 Sub-Pulse duration :0.5-10ms Pulse space :1-50ms Cooling system: Semiconductor+ wind + water +cooling gel RF System Spot size: 16/32mm (dia.) Handle number :1 handle RF frequency :0.1-6MHz RF energy :0-50 specification Screen :7.4 inch color touch LCD display Language :English, Spanish, Italian, German, French Voltage :220V(110V)/15A 50Hz(60Hz) Output power :1000W Size of machine :36x37x50cm Weight :22kg
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