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e-light hair removal beauty machine

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Location: Afghanistan
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Last Update: 2010-07-16 13:42
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THEORY: Advanced technologies, bipolar radio frequency + IPL, Can be used together or separately. The perfect result can be expected. The RF energy can penetrate into the dermis and the heat directly deliveries to the hair follicle. Integrating with the IPL energy, good treatment result will show you in short time. Additionally, the cooling system inside is effective on the epidermis this can greatly reduce pain in the process of treatment. APPLICATIONS: 1. Eliminate wrinkles, tense skin, raise skin, with the combination of IPL and RF technology, eliminate wrinkles and raise skin of face 2. Thick black/tiny hair-removal: Using the quantum emitted by E quantum, also with the effect of RF on vesica below the skin of 6mm, which are not absolutely depended on the delivery of the capillary, so great efficient on treatment of tiny light hair 3. Eliminate the dermic speckle and blood lines, improve the coarse skin obviously 4. Treatment to acne: Using the special wave band kill bacillus of acne, also with the combination of IPL and RF efficiently reduce the activities of saponaceous gland. FEATURES: 1.Joint part adopts the most advanced "plug and play" technology, integrating the water and electricity protection automatically, makes installation more easy, safe and reliable 2. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system 3. 8.4inch color touch screen operating, simple and convenient 4. Humanized menu, easy operation 5. Two handles: one handle for hair removal from which better result could be expected 6. UL standard independently adjustable three kinds of pulses design, obeying the clinic ten years experiences 7. Water level, water flow and water automatic detection greatly increases machines' life expectancy and safety 8. Hand-touch, foot-touch and switches satisfy your different operating habits 9. Multilingual arbitrary languages, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped 10. Smart system clock makes the operator control the time easily ADVANTAGES: 1. Remarkable effects on fuscous spot and live spot 2. Great effect on unwanted hair removal, both thick black hair and tiny hair, and comfortable during the treatment 3. Avoid burn, pigment mark and blister during former IPL treatment 4. Wide range of treatment, great effect, and with high safety factor 5. Large color touch screen, comfortable and elegant 6. Breakthrough based on traditional IPL technology PARAMETERS: Display Screen 8.4 inch color touch LCD screen Light Source Eight times atmospheric pressure Wavelength 480/510/590/610/690nm standard Cooling System semiconductor+ wind + water +cooling system Handles two handles : one handle for hair removal Spot size 12X40mm2 for skin rejuvenation and 15x50mm2 for hair removal Power Supply Output (IPL) 2000W Capacitors Number 3 (10000uf/1pcs) IPL Light Energy 15-65J RF Energy 1-50J RF Frequency 10MHz RF power 1000 W RF delay 500-3000ms Pulse Duration 1-30 Plus delay 1-50 Pulse/Discharge interval 1-4ms Pulse No. 1-15 Shots Number 30000-60000 Skin Cooling ≤-3-10C IC card selectable
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