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glucose syrup

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Unit Price: Negotiable
MOQ: 1
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Period for Dispatch: Delivery within 3 days from the date buyers paid
Location: Afghanistan
Valid Period to: Long-term Validity
Last Update: 2010-09-09 08:26
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1. Liquid Glucose is made from refined starch by acid hydrolysis or enzyme treatment following the process of refining and concentration. The main ingredients are glucose, maltose, maltotriose and over maltotetrose. 2. Its high viscousness increases the thickness and flavor in tinned fruits, fruit juices and syrup. 3. With high hydroscopicity, it maintains the soft taste, improves the flavor, and extends the shelf life in soft candy, bread, cake etc. 4. With low ice-point and crystallization resistance it can improve the flavor and increase the output in beverages. 5. As a sweetener with high osmotic pressure, it can maintain the flavor and extend the shelf life in preserved fruits, glazed fruits, jams etc. 6. Specification: Appearance: Viscous liquid, no visible impurities by naked eyes Color: Colorless or yellowish, light transparency DE value:DE38-42,DE42-50,DE50-60 Boiling temperature: 150 PH value: 4.6-6.0 Protein: 0.1% Sulphate ash: 0.3% Transparency: 98% Sulfur dioxide: 200 mg/kg Pb( Pb2+): 0.5mg/kg As (As3-): 0.5mg/kg Coliforms (N): 30MPN/100g Total bacteria (N): 3000cfu/g Pathogens (salmonella): Negative Note: DE Value:42-70 Concentration: 75-85% 7. Packing: Packed in 300kg plastic drum,in 280kg iron drum,in 24kg tinplate and in 9kg plastic drum
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