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Radix Ophiopogonis extract 20:1, 5:1

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Location: Afghanistan
Valid Period to: Long-term Validity
Last Update: 2011-08-09 09:56
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Latin name: Radix Ophiopogonis Part used:Roots Appearance:red brown fine Powder Active Ingredient: Ophiopogonin Specification:10:1,5:1 Molecular Formula: C39H62O12 Molecular weight: CAS NO: 38971-41-4 Test mothed:HPLC Suggested application To nurish yin and promote the production of body fluid,to moisten the lung,and ease the mind. Indication:dry cough;thrist due to impairment of body fluid;fidgetness and insommia;diabetes caused by internal heat;constipation;diphtheria Functions: Radix Ophiopogonis is providing with nourishing the yin and moisten the lungs, strengthen the stomach and promote the production of body fluids, clearing heat in the heart and relieve irritability and sedative and boost sleeping,promotion island of langerhans cell function restores, increasing liver glycogen, reduces the function of blood sugar. Because it has function the heart, also beneficial to diabetes merge heart disease Email: sophia@MSN: hejing_jj@Skype: sophia100002 Tel:
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