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wall mounted aquarium

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Location: Afghanistan
Valid Period to: Long-term Validity
Last Update: 2011-06-02 12:02
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Company Basic Info
Product Detailed Description
Main product features 1) Fully Automated “MIRAGE” Technology. 2) Programmable automatic stock feeder. 3) Adjustable Light timing device. 4) Automatic water purification system. 5) Ambient and tank temperature indicator. 6) Thermostatic water temperature control. 7) Automatic oxygen level adjustment. 8) Electric carbon dioxide generator. 9) Perpetual calendar with time & alarm. 10) Low Food & low Oxygen alarm signal. 11) Silent operation. 12) Ultra Light, ultra strong thin wall fabrication. 14) Advanced power saving technology. Detailed explanation 1: Brushed aluminum frame with aluminum surface Brushed aluminum is not only top-grade fashion but also water-proof and anticorrosive, more wiping, lighter. the frame is made of super-hard and light aluminum material and Application of high-precision molding,So the structure of product is right on the best, style is perfect and quality is secure and reliable. 2: phantom technology Phantom fish tank adopts nano-optics technology, which effectively changes the limit of hook wall fish tank in field of view. It is only a few centimeters in thickness but looks like over one meter deep and just put several fishes, however looks like dozens of. It seems like you are in real sea natural ecology scenery. 3: Programmable automatic stock feeder. According to hobby ,quantity and size of fish, timing quantum feeding is not only good to the health of fish, but also save precious time and prevent forgetting feeding. That makes the fish starve to death 4: Automatic water purification system. There was so-called fish tank that no need to change water, which actually needs to add once nitrifying ecology bacteria each week or so. Our company in last several generation products, but now we buy American patented technology with a high pay., no need to add any biochemistry and change water and also inhibiting growth of lichen 5: Adjustable Light timing device. According to daily schedule and habit timing lighting not only save power and time but also good for photosynthesis of aquatic by making it growth healthily 6: Electric carbon dioxide generator. Supply system functions of electronic CO2 are numerous. Its main function is for photosynthesis of aquatic, making aquatic grow up sturdily. Its color will be fresher, and then will produce sugar and oxygen needed by fish and microbe 7: filter auto-stop when feeding Traditional hook wall fish tank will not stop working when feeding, That makes fish food will be engulfed inside of filter. This not only waste fish food but also damage inside digestive system of filter. Filter of our product will auto stop when feeding, then it will auto recover filter function after thirty minutes. 8: Ambient and tank temperature indicator. This product can set constant temperature according to different kinds of fishes, if heating tube has problem system will auto alarm 9: inflow and outflow filter at the bottom Traditional hook wall fish tank filters left and right at the same time and the outlet is on top. In our system the left and right water outlet hedge so that reduce cycle strength of water. Biochemistry and filter time of this product is separate, which greatly improve filter and save power. Outlet of bottom make rubbish not deposit on the sand, making water quality as clean as crystal. 10: Low Food & low Oxygen alarm signal. When feeding times and working time of electronic CO2 reach to preset time, it will alarm 10 seconds every three hours. It helps continually reminding user to add fish food or change carbon plate of CO2.
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